Brown Reusable Microfiber Makeup Remover Pad

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A must-have pad for every woman!

A microfiber makeup remover pad that effectively removes all traces of makeup without leaving any residue!

Reusable make-up sponges are an easy-to-use alternative to disposable wipes and the perfect way to reduce waste from your make-up routine.
Not only does is that better for the ENVIRONMENT as the waste is not going out to oceans and killing sea life but is also great for saving money as you won't need as many.

They can be used with make-up remover, cleanser, or toner to fit into your make-up routine wherever they are needed just pop them in the wash and they are ready to use again and again.

The fibers are made up of are up to 200 times finer than your actual facial hairs. Ensures a super deep clean.


SOFT FINE HAIR - Germany’s new material fiber, Better fits the skin. Clean each pore and corner.

1 - 200 TIMES - Puff double-sided is available. easy to clean. A puff can be used about 200 times.

COMES WITH LANYARD - Each puff has a lanyard for easy access and suspension. Clean and hygienic.

Material: Microfiber suede.
Diameter: 12cm / 4.72 ".
Color: Pink, Black, White, Khaki

Package Includes:
1pc x Reusable Microfiber Makeup Remover Pad