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Gel Bunion Toe Corrector

Gel Bunion Toe Corrector

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The Corrector gently helps realign toes and prevent hallux valgus!

Super soft material protects the toes, prevents toes turned inside and outside, to prevents corns, calluses, blisters, wound pain correction of hallux valgus shoe discomfort.

This Bunion Corrector will gently realign big toe to their natural position. Fixes and separates toes improves toe deformity. Avoids toes squeezing each other. For separating the big toe from the second toe. Resisting some of the soft tissue stress associated with a bunion.

Gel Bunion Corrector Big Toe Protector Hallux Valgus Straightener fits comfortably under your socks without making your shoes or heels feel too tight. And unlike bulky hard-toe straighteners, ours won't limit your walking or step motion. And because our gel toe spreader realigns the big toe, walking will finally start to feel better!


✓ Silicone Gel Material is soft and comfortable
✓ Designed for people who suffer from the Hallux Valgus
✓ Very simple to use, just slip over your big toe and 2nd toe, the gel separator fits comfortably between your toes helping to re-align them
✓ This pair of Gel Toe Separators aid in reducing bunion foot pain and relieving rubbings between toes resulting in reducing the risk of fungal infections.

✓ Adjustable in bone pad to ease the pressure of the toe joint, and to maximize the scattered pressure
✓ These very soft gel products help to protect your bunion from knocking and bumping. Relieve the sense of hammer toe pain.
✓ They will help to realign toes to their natural position if you wore every day.
✓ To prevent callous and corns, straighten bent toes.
✓ One Size Fits left and right toes.

Color: White
Materials: Silicone

Package Includes:
1 Pair x Gel Bunion Corrector Big Toe Protector Hallux Valgus Straightener

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