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Booster M2 Muscle Massager Gun Percussion Pain Relief Body Neck Muscle Massager

Booster M2 Muscle Massager Gun Percussion Pain Relief Body Neck Muscle Massager

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Did you know that muscles grow during the resting phase ? 

 Many of the effects caused by training occur during the recovery phase, but despite this, it is often overlooked. We give you the ability to optimize your recovery after each workout with our Booster Muscle Massager

Why do so many people swear by the Booster M2 Massage Gun?

Its POWERFUL. With an motor of 125watts and an AMPLITUDE of 12mm, it is considered a commercial grade massage gun.

With so much torque, you'd expect a very noisy motor right? Well, The Booster M2 Massage Gun is QUIETER than an Electric Toothbrush, at only 55dB of sound when in use so you can massage in the comfort of your home whilst watching tv or around other people without bothering them.

 Our Booster Muscle Massager offers you 3 massage modes   
  • Fade-Out: decreasing vibration, ideal for regenerating post-workout muscle tissue;
  • Crescendo: progressively more intense vibration, ideal for warming up ;
  • Wave: ideal oscillating vibration to enjoy a moment of relaxation at any time.

The massage modes are accompanied by 4 speed levels ranging from 900-3300 percussions per minute . This allows you to obtain targeted and specific muscle relaxation for every type of need of your muscles, both before and after training.

The masseuse gun is equipped with a battery rechargeable from 24V with analog display . A full charge is enough to be able to use your Booster for 5 hours.  You can easily carry it with you with all its equipment thanks to its handy case.

It massages 20% deeper than consumer grade massagers

Most massage guns only provide an amplitude of 10mm which only offers vibration therapy. With the Booster M2, you have 12mm of amplitude making this a percussive massage gun.

Power a weeks worth of workouts on just one charge

Sporting a 24V rechargeable battery, the Booster M2 has a continuous use time of 7 hours, elevating itself as one of the longest lasting massage guns available on the market. 


  • Prevents delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS);
  • Speeds up recovery and pain relief;
  • Improve muscle flexibility;
  • Increases blood and lymphatic flow;
  • Facilitates the removal of lactic acid;
  • Activates the nervous system and muscles;
  • Reduces tiredness and muscle stiffness.
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