Body Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Set
Body Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Set
Body Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Set
Body Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Set

Body Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Set

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Make your bath and shower time the most relaxing time of your day.

This Scrubber For Bathing is designed to get to the unreachable areas. It’s also used for exfoliation, deep cleaning, and proper body circulation. Feel the difference for yourself!


Moisturize – Designed to hydrate your skin and body while improving healthier and smoother-looking skin.
Exfoliate – Prevent acne and penetrate into pores to clean dirt and dead skin.
Rejuvenate – It helps you reveal glowing skin and feel fresh and clean after each use.
Stimulate – Speed up blood circulation in your body and gently clean the most sensitive parts of the skin.


Massage – Perfect for deep muscle massages including neck and back. The massaging beads on the other side of the Scrubber can rub off dirt fast, massage skin, relax muscles, and relieve stress. It also may help eliminate your daily fatigue.
Callus Removal – Not only is it for dirt and dry skin, but it can also smoothen your calluses and remove them through regular usage.
Deep cleaning – It helps penetrate deep into pores to clean dirt and dead skin.
Natural Skin Care – The skincare function helps to eliminate clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. It will fight dry skin, rough skin, rashes, eczema, back acne, and other skin problems, leaving skin feeling silky smooth.


Double-sided – One side is soft bristles, which can clean your skin; the other end is a convex spherical surface, promoting your blood circulation.
Lightweight – Our new patented design features long-lasting lightweight material.

Double handle strap – Extra grip and strength. Comes with handles securely sewn on both sides. The straps make it much easier to reach the lower back and they also make it easy to hang dry.
Hygienic Material – Anti-dirt and compared with the traditional bathing towel, this Scrubber for bathing is more hygienic, longer life, and more resilient.


Ultra-Durable – The Scrubber is made of high-quality ultra-soft material durable, which is much better than traditional loofah. It won’t fall apart like a loofah, can be used for a long time, and is suitable for all ages.
Easy to use – The handles on both sides make it much easier to reach your lower back. The foldable feature is convenient for you to use at home or on vacation, and on business trips, providing the ultimate spa enjoyment for your skin anytime, anywhere.

Deep cleaning – Perfect for reaching anywhere on your body including Feet, Heels, Legs, Arms, Neck, Back, etc. The cleaning bristles are soft enough for your comfort and tough enough to clean your skin thoroughly.
Fast-drying – Extremely fast-drying honeycomb material. Just hang it up to keep it dry. Plus, it is easy to rinse out after use.

Package Includes:
1 Set x Body Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Set